Sunday, June 8, 2014

Black/Pink Tie Dinner on the Terrace

We decided to celebrate our 34th anniversary this year at our favorite place:  at home.

As soon as I saw this white rose black shawl at my favorite La Jolla "boutique" (Goodwill!), my "I love to live in a romance novel in real life self" kicked in and the idea immediately popped into my mind to use the shawl as a tablecloth, and for us to dress up and have a black tie dinner on our terrace!  I asked my hubs if he'd be willing to wear a suit and bow tie and he said "sure" so the party planning began!

(Later I'll wear my new "tablecloth" as a shawl, since that's what it really is, but that's another blog post!)

I started by playing my new Chopin CD to get me relaxed and in a cooking mood.  We spent the whole day slowly creating our magical evening together, not rushing around, but enjoying the process. It evolved; most of it we used things we already had on hand so it was relatively easy to pull it all together.

We laughed, because the only bow tie my hubby could find to buy for our anniversary party, (since he doesn't have a stash of them in his closet anymore!), was this pink plaid one.  Not too formal "black tie" so our party evolved into a "pink tie" party instead!  Oh well, one of the things you learn in the course of living to be 55 and being married 34 years is to go with the flow.  :)  Dapper gentleman my hubby is, don't you think?

I pulled out my best LBD, pink lace camisole, pearls, and I found this sparkly shawl in the back of my closet that I've had as my "go-to glam" outfit since my 30s because my hubby sometimes gets invited to nice evening social outings for his work and he likes it when I wear my sparkly shawl to them.   So why not wear it to my own black/pink tie terrace party?!  I did my best to pull off a bit of a glam vintage Elizabeth Taylor short hairstyle. Well, as I said, I did my best.  :)

Once we were all dressed up we decided we needed photos of us so we went out for a walk hoping we'd see other strollers who'd be willing to take our photo.

Thankfully, we did!

When we came back from our walk we set the table.

We cooked our homemade dinner together over the course of the day.

The menu:

Rosemary Pork Roast with Pomegranate Sauce 

Baked Summer SoCal Squash

Green Salad with Flax and Lemon Dressing

"Faux Red Wine" a.k.a. Pomegranate Juice

The pork roast was beyond delish and all I did was put it in a baking dish, sprinkle dried rosemary and salt on top, and bake it at 300 degrees until it was juicy but not pink at all.  The Pomegranate Sauce is just some bottled juice heated on the range with a bit of arrowroot powder added to create a sauce.  You could probably use cornstarch just as well.  We just poured the sauce over the pork slices right before we ate.  So easy and the sauce gives the pork a hint of nice tang.

Dessert was fresh SoCal summer fruit.  So yum!  I chose nectarines and my hubs chose strawberries.

After dessert we exchanged gifts and cards.  I was the lucky recipient of these gorgeous purple-ish black pearls which I absolutely adore, and...

since my hubby takes his lunch to work and tries to eat very healthy, I gave him a glass non-toxic lunch container. Not elegant like my pearls, but the man does love to eat so he was happy!  And it matches his water bottle, so there you go--some style!  :) 

To end our magical at-home 34th black/pink tie anniversary celebration, we checked ourselves into our favorite honeymoon suite.

Celebrate your marriage!

Kathryn :) 


The Painted Garden said...

Dear Kathryn and Steve, Congratulations on your 34th anniversary. Thank you for sharing your charming and delightful dinner created with so much love and fun by both of you - what a lovely way to celebrate! You both look stunning in your black outfits and are such an inspiration to living an elegant life filled with love and joy without breaking the bank.

P.S. Love your patio makeover - the new colors are joyful.
Blessings, Erin

Kathryn Bechen said...

Thank you Erin for your kind comments. You're a dear! Kathryn :)

Sonia said...

Congratulations on your 34th anniversary! You made everything so special and lovely! Looks like you had a wonderful evening!
Miss Bloomers