Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Colorful & Organized 2014! (& Lavender Bistro)

Hello blog friends and happy 2014!  It's good to be back here writing again after my long blog break and I hope you all had wonderfully happy holidays!

My hubby Steve and I traveled over Christmas week to sunny Palm Springs/Palm Desert/La Quinta, California, a.k.a. the beautiful Coachella Valley. We celebrated our holidays in the desert in colorful style, with our favorite outing being a lovely dinner on the outdoor patio at the charming Lavender Bistro in LaQuinta.  We decided it would be fun to wear our best "purple garb" so we would match the decor!   That m.o. was great fun and the young staff got a big kick out of the fact that we dressed for the restaurant!  Our whole experience at Lavender Bistro was wonderful and we hope to go back there again the next time we travel to the Coachella Valley.   Thanks to the entire staff for the memorable holiday evening!

Our sweet waitress Andrea told us that Lavender Bistro's huge outdoor patio has been voted one of the Top 100 outdoor patios in the U.S. on Open Table.  She's right; here's the entire list for 2013, and Lavender Bistro is on it.   The live music on their patio was also magical and so romantic!


See why Lavender Bistro diners feel like they are dining in Provence lavender fields?!


All of the artwork on the walls creates that feeling...


Our food was fabulous and we asked our waitress if we could purchase the lavender napkins we used during our dinner that night as a memento, and the management graciously agreed.  So now we can re-create our wonderful lavender bistro dining experience at home!  My hubby gave me some new napkin rings as one of my Christmas gifts so that will make it even more fun and memorable.


I learned serendipitously right before our Lavender Bistro experience that the "it" color of the year according to Pantone is none other than Radiant Orchid!  What a yummy vibrant color!  Check out my new Radiant Orchid Decor Pinterest board for creative pinners' great ideas on how to incorporate this beautiful color into your home.  Wouldn't it be lovely for a wedding color too?!  Or in a flowy silk blouse paired with crisp white or black slacks?!

My experience at Lavender Bistro impressed upon me once again how beautiful colors in our surroundings truly affect our body, mind, and spirit so I've made it my goal for 2014 to live even more colorfully at home, in my wardrobe, and in my life.  Below is a new article I just wrote to help you do the same.  And here's another color article I wrote years ago:  How Color Affects Mood in Your Home.

Eight Ways I'm Consciously Adding More Color 
to My Home and Life in 2014
by Kathryn Bechen

There are so many little ways we can add color to our homes and lives to add a spark of zest to our living!  We buy things every day that we need anyway, so why not buy them in colors that uplift us, rather than in blah colors that drag us down?  Below are some easy ways I'm being more conscious of color in my life in 2014.  How about you?  How will YOU add color to your home, wardrobe, and life this year?!

1.  Mug Moxie.  I need to replace some coffee mugs in my kitchen so I'm planning to shop for some that are bright florals to make me feel like I'm in a colorful garden when I sip my tea!  Using a pretty mug always makes me smile.   :) Aren't these monogram mugs fun?!  And  I love these red geranium mugs from Sur La Table.

2.  Daring Dishcloths.   I just bought some new French Blue dishcloths.  What a difference that color makes in our petite kitchen!

3.  Pillow Pizazz.  I have some very pretty cream colored satin pillows on my sofa and I'm going to add a colorful long one right in the middle of those two for a quick color pop!  I haven't decided what color yet but I plan to enjoy shopping for it!  Pillows are my favorite way to update and add an affordable dose of color to your home decor.

4.  Fresh Flowers.  An economical way to make a grocery store bouquet go far and inject color all around your home is to split up the bouquet into several small vases and place them in different rooms.  Right now I have pink and yellow tulips in my kitchen, living room and bathroom--all from one small bouquet for just $9.99!   By the way, if you live in a climate where fresh flowers are not available in the winter, order them online and have them delivered! 

5.  Ravishing Rugs.  I found a colorful floral rug at Tuesday Morning yesterday for my kitchen.  With a soft gray background, hot pink flowers, and bright green leaves, it will color my kitchen happy for just $29.99!

6.  Nifty Napkins.  I only use cloth napkins at home and adding colorful new napkins to the table is a fun and easy way to add color to your meals.  Add some contrasting napkin rings in interesting shapes, colors, and sizes, and you're dining--not just merely eating!   Discount stores like Tuesday Morning, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and World Market have great cloth napkins and napkin rings.

7.  Wardrobe Wow.  I purchased several new silky-style long-sleeved blouses recently in my best colors:  teal/mint green, red/pink rose, black with teal and hot pink flowers.  These bright colors liven up my face and spirit and belting the blouses with a narrow black belt and wearing them with slim-leg black pants and ballet flats or cute sandals enhances my um, mature figure.   Adding colorful earrings makes me smile even more!

8.  Hair Lair.  I'm growing my hair longer so I can wear it in an updo.  (Well, we'll see!)  To keep myself motivated through the grow-out stage, I've purchased some colorful hair clips and accessories in hot pink, teal blue, shiny silver, etc.  Great fun and so feminine!

I challenge you to add some lovely colors to your home, wardrobe, and life this year as you shop for things you'd be buying anyway!   Leave a comment on this blog post and tell me what you're going to do!  You can do this!

Get Organized in 2014!

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Happy Colorful & Organized 2014!!

Kathryn :)

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Your holiday looked delightful...I adore Lavender so this would be right up my alley! Happy New your ideas to impart color in your life!
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