Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm Loving doTerra Essential Oils Aromatherapy

I've been experimenting recently with essential oils/aromatherapy.  As a prolific reader who self-studies anything I seek to learn more about, I bought two books on the topic:  The Aromatherapy Bible, and Healing Oils of the Bible.   The Aromatherapy Bible is a beginner's how-to guide to get you started and if you only buy one book on the topic, this would be my choice because it's simple to read and follow the instructions.  Not to mention the beautiful photos are dreamy!  The Healing Oils of the Bible book takes a more scholarly/teaching approach from the highly-educated scientist and theologian author, but it's a fascinating read and the author's premise is that if healing oils were so effective during biblical times, (which they were), then why not use them today?  And so, he does, and teaches others to do the same, according to his book.

Personally, I'm finding the doTerra essential oils brand to be really effective for me, and here's how I've used them so far:

*Lavender:  I rub a couple of drops on the inside of my palms and on the soles of  my feet to help me sleep.  I also have taken a warm bath with a few drops of lavender added to my silky soaking bubbles and I absolutely loved it since this gal is into her spa time-outs!   Next, my very smart chiropractor, Dr. J., suggested that I keep some lavender oil in my car so when I get stuck in a traffic jam again like I was last week, I can rub some on my temples and under my nose to ease the stress in my tight shoulders.  Good idea!  I've also basted fresh fish with some lavender oil and parsley and then baked it.  Yum!  Also, when my hubs strained his hip the other day, after his chiropractic treatment, I rubbed a mixture of coconut oil mixed with a few drops of lavender oil all over his hip to relax him and help him sleep.  ("Dr. Wife" is always the best treatment, eh?!)

*Lemon:  I add 10 drops of lemon oil to my homemade all-purpose cleaner spray bottle, along with 2 T. of Dr. Bronner's unscented liquid baby soap, and water and it freshens up my kitchen and bathroom counters, sinks, and floors.

*Lemongrass:  I add 15 drops of lemongrass to a spray bottle of water and use this to deter ants in my bathroom and kitchen.  Works great after many other insects supposedly don't like the scent of lemongrass.  I just spray and then wipe and the lingering scent seems to do the trick!

*Cinnamon:   I add a couple drops to my hot tea.  Nice!  (This oil is very strong so be careful of getting it on your skin straight from the bottle.)

*Cloves:  I've been putting a drop of clove oil on a band-aid placed on top of a callus or (ick! wart?--not sure what it is)--on the sole of my foot and it seems to be drying it up. 

*Ginger:  I add a couple drops to my hot tea and then pour over ice for "faux ginger ale."  Heavenly!

*Melaleuca:  I've been adding five drops of melaleuca, five drops of lemon oil, and five drops of ginger oil to a glass pump bottle of water with 2 T. of Dr. Bronner's unscented baby soap and a squirt of aloe vera juice and using it as a face, body, and hand wash.  Loving it!

*Slim & Sassy:  I just ordered this oil so haven't tried it yet.  I'm working on slimming down, (12.5 lbs down as of today, yay!), and as for the sassy part...well, since God created me with a loving heart yet a strong will and a stubborn persona so that I'm not afraid to speak my mind when the situation warrants, I probably don't need a lot of help in the sassy department, so we'll see what happens when I ingest this oil!  :)   Seriously, it's supposed to help curb appetite in a non-toxic/healthy way, which is why I wanted to try it. 

DISCLAIMER:  I'm not a doctor or health care provider so be sure to consult your licensed health care provider of choice is you have any questions as to whether essential oils are right for you.

DISCLOSURE:  You can read more about and order doTerra oils through my new doTerra website.  And yes, if you order there, I will receive compensation from doTerra, but there is no added cost for you to order from my site.  If you'd like to have your own doTerra website as a distributor, you can also sign up to do that on my doTerra site.  And yes, if you do sign up to become a doTerra distributor through my doTerra website, I will receive compensation from doTerra.

For any questions about doTerra products, or about becoming a doTerra distributor, please contact the doTerra corporate website.

I'm off now to smell the...lavender oil!

Kathryn :)


A Romantic Porch said...

OH Kathryn, I would have loved to sign up for doTerra oils through you. I have been researching these too and have committed to signing up through a lady I met locally. I believe in them so much. In fact yesterday, I was looking up scriptures about oil and researching that aspect a bit too. I need to find that book you mentioned.
xo rachel

A Romantic Porch said...

I left a comment but I'm not sure if it was long.

Let's just say in case the other one didn't post, I'm loving the doTerra oils too.
xo rachel

In Can Tinting said...

Too much wonderful and adorable creation and presentation you truly adorn me with all. Appreciated!

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