Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fee, Fi, Faux ... Italy!

My hubby and I were serendipitously surprised on a recent Sunday outing to San Diego's downtown Little Italy district when we happened upon the delightful Mimmo's Italian Village Restaurant.

Oh my; it was like taking a quick (faux) trip to Italy!

You'll see what I mean if you follow along here ....

Mimmo's has been there since 1973 and that in itself is amazing considering how many restaurants quickly come and go in San Diego.

It's HUGE, with a multiple rooms that seamlessly connect, creating one big charming space.

What a creative vision of the owners to create an entire little "village" restaurant!

Most of the walls are faux paintings and are just lovely in person.

And there are several rooms to dine privately with your group, yet still be amidst the festive bustle of the overall bigger restaurant.

Obviously, my hubs enjoyed Mimmo's too!

My wonderful salad was the only diet food on the menu, I'm afraid.

My Eggplant Parmesan was to die for and they can do gluten-free noodles for those of you who need that.  Or they will put the Eggplant Parmesan on top of other veggies for you too if you prefer.  Nice.

My hubs loved his pasta too.

And their prices are very reasonable, which made it an extra nice treat.

We were there on a sunny Sunday afternoon and I think at night it must be oh-so-romantic!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of San Diego's Mimmo's "faux Italy!"

Do you have an Italian neighborhood or eatery in your city that you absolutely love?!

Celebrating the art of simple, charming, elegant living!

Kathryn :) 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Now Blooming in My San Diego Neighborhood

Good Morning, sunshine!  

In keeping with my recent blog post about reminding ourselves to be content in our own backyards, I got up early the other day and the sun was so luminous that on a whim I took a morning walk through my San Diego, California neighborhood and quickly snapped some pix of all the flora, fauna, and fun to share with you.  

And then, before I finished this blog post, I went for another walk in the afternoon and I added those last few pix at the end of this post.  

Enjoy, my friends!

In this pix above I'm back to my own little home's tiny terrace (that we turned into our outdoor living room last year.)

Update:  Below are today's afternoon photos around another side of our neighborhood.

If you enjoyed my neighborhood tour here today, you can see different pix of my San Diego, California neighborhood's flora and fauna from previous years  here.    And here.    And here.

Celebrating the art of simple, charming, elegant living!

Kathryn :)