Friday, September 26, 2014

Romancing the Red Holiday Blouse

Hello there, my lovely lady readers!  It's been awhile since I blogged as I've been busy with this, that, and the other thing in life.  But I wanted to quick share this great holiday blouse from Chico's with you (for a FAB sale price!), just in case you'd like to buy one too for the upcoming Christmas holidays, or even for Valentine's Day next year.

I loved this little number as soon as I put it on after ordering it online.  It's very flowy and comfy and washed up on gentle in my machine just dandy--no ironing needed.

I think a black narrow belt with a small rhinestone clasp and subdued matching rhinestone embellishments on one's shoes, plus tiny rhinestone earrings to tie it all together would be very fun for evening.

Of course, if you're into real diamonds instead of rhinestones, those would certainly do too.  :) 

I love the red flocking--so soft and pretty.

I also like the 3/4 sleeves which have a drawstring bow tie to make them look quite elegant and finished.

I plan on wearing my pretty new sheer blouse over a black lacy camisole, with a red shawl wrapped around my shoulders, to top off my black comfy Traveler's slim pants.  Watch the Chico's video and you'll get the idea.

And with that, I'm off now to plan a romantic Christmas Eve dinner out, with dancing under the stars afterwards in my festive new blouse.

In the snow.  :)


Friday, September 12, 2014

Easy Apple Coconut Compote in the Crockpot

A stylish new gal moved into my little abode recently.

Welcome home, missy!

I bought her because my kitchen and counter is very small and she fits on my counter just right, next to her Cuisinart cousins, unlike my former bigger Crockpot that was heavy to lift and cumbersome to wash so I took him to the animal shelter donation place since I like to recycle.

Little Miss Stylish Crockpot effortlessly made me this Easy Apple Coconut Compote.

Together with my favorite coffee, it's a double yum!

And add just one velvety purple orchid to my antique table for aesthetic beauty, and make that a triple yum.

It's always the little enjoyable things in life that thrill me the most.  :) 

And you?

My favorite coconut milk on top was the...healthier version of...cream.  It's even the consistency of dairy cream.

Oh my.

I brought out my pretty etched glassware too for my little compote party for one.

Why not?!  Life is too short to eat from boring bowls, don't you think?!

You can buy little Miss Stylish Crockpot here if you want one for your kitchen too.

Easy Apple Coconut Compote

NOTE:  I use all organic ingredients in my recipes because, well...I don't like to eat pesticides.

6 apples, cored and chopped into pieces
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup quick oats (not instant)
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup walnuts
1/4 cup pecans  (or 1/2 cup of just one nut type if you prefer)
1/2 cup raisins or dried cranberries (optional)
2 T. melted coconut oil
1/2 -1 T. cinnamon

  • Put apples, raisins, and nuts in Crockpot.  

  • In a bowl, combine coconut, quick oats, brown sugar, melted coconut oil and cinnamon well with a spoon.  Pour mixture into Crockpot and stir well to coat all the apples thoroughly.

  • Turn Crockpot on low and bake until apples are tender.  I baked mine overnight on low and achieved perfect results and taste.

Serve compote warm with coconut milk on top for an added creamy-silky treat.

Celebrating the art of simple, charming, elegant living...

Kathryn :) 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sweet Sentiments

A longtime reader who read my latest newsletter sent me this sweet sentiment yesterday so I thought I would share it with you, and give you an idea to brighten up someone else's day too:

"Soooo inspiring on so many levels.  Everything you write seems to touch me directly.   I bought a Kindle (on a whim) thinking I didn't want one.  So silly, since I absolutely love it now.  Your eBook, Small Space Organizing, was the first book I bought!  I just love it when you post.  I'm trying not to wait to live better and more mindfully.  My heart resonates with what you write."   --Ginger Vawter, Atlanta

Thank you Ginger; I am glad my writing touches your life!  

Who could you write a kind note to today to brighten up their day?  Think of someone you haven't been in touch with for awhile and send them a kind sentiment, expecting nothing in return.   Two will be blessed--the receiver, and you, the giver.  If you write a handwritten note, put a tea bag or stick of gum inside, just for fun!  If you send an e-mail, attach a photo of something pretty, or a pix of something you and that person did together and tell them it brought back good memories!

I've written my hubby three notecards this week and left them in the bathroom by his watch so he finds them before he goes to work.  Every single time he's thanked me.  But you know what?  I'm the one who's been most blessed by my action.  

Happy September; make it a good one!
Kathryn :) 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Brown Sugar Pork Roast & Pink Roses

To me, life's simple, pretty, and tasty morsels really are the best of life.

Like my "garden window" in front of my kitchen sink with one "luxuriously simple" bouquet of soft pink tulips spread out into several vases I've collected over time.

Almost every week, my hubs brings home different kinds of flowers for me from the grocery store because it makes us both happy to have fresh flowers in our home.  It's a kind little gesture he does for me as his wife.


I try to make him good things to eat, (a.k.a. he-man food), as a return favor!

This easy new pork roast recipe I just concocted off the top of my head, using week-old organic oranges that were turning a bit brown-skinned in my fridge so I wanted to use them up.

Here's all I did to make this simple yet hearty fall one-pot dinner winner ...

Easy Brown Sugar Pork Roast a l'Orange

1.  Wash and slice several carrots and one or two small zucchini and layer bottom of glass baking dish with them about 1" thick.

2.  Rinse off with water and then roll a small pork roast in brown sugar.  You can mix some of your favorite spices into the sugar before rolling if you like.  Place the pork roast on top of the raw veggies.

3.  Slice a fresh orange into 1/4" slices and place on top of roast.

That's it!  I baked this for about 3 hours at 300 degrees so it was tender and not overdone.  Be sure not to overbake it or it will get too dry.  You could also easily make this in the crockpot too; I will do that next time and just set it on low in the morning.

By the way, in a nod to healthy eating, I always use hormone-free meat, and organic veggies in all my at-home cooking recipes/dishes.  I buy my meat and veggies at this Jimbo's in San Diego County, and they have other locations too.   You can also order online from various vendors if you don't have these products available locally.

More recipes of my homemade dishes.

Happy simple, pretty, fall!

Kathryn :) 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tips for Newlyweds Setting Up Home Together

When I wrote my book/eBook, Small Space Organizing, one of my dreams for it that I shared with my book publishing team was that I wanted it to especially help certain groups of people, one being newlyweds setting up their first home together, which is often limited in space.  So I was greatly touched recently, 2 1/2 years after my book first released to bookstores, to receive this blog comment from a newlywed reader:

Jennifer said...

"Hi Kathryn,

Just purchased your book (Small Space Organizing) this weekend after finding so many great tips just going through it in the bookstore yesterday. Popped on over to check out your blog, it's lovely! Your home is beautiful and looks very inviting! Looking forward to reading more in the book. I am a newlywed and we just moved into our first shared apartment just about a month ago, and were both excited to make it cozy and inviting for all our friends and family. I'm sure your book and blog will help us through that process!  
God bless!!  Jennifer"

Thank you Jennifer, for taking time to let me know my book helped you, and I wish you and your new husband a wonderfully happy home and life together!

Happy Organizing!

Kathryn :) 

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