Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tips for Newlyweds Setting Up Home Together

When I wrote my book/eBook, Small Space Organizing, one of my dreams for it that I shared with my book publishing team was that I wanted it to especially help certain groups of people, one being newlyweds setting up their first home together, which is often limited in space.  So I was greatly touched recently, 2 1/2 years after my book first released to bookstores, to receive this blog comment from a newlywed reader:

Jennifer said...

"Hi Kathryn,

Just purchased your book (Small Space Organizing) this weekend after finding so many great tips just going through it in the bookstore yesterday. Popped on over to check out your blog, it's lovely! Your home is beautiful and looks very inviting! Looking forward to reading more in the book. I am a newlywed and we just moved into our first shared apartment just about a month ago, and were both excited to make it cozy and inviting for all our friends and family. I'm sure your book and blog will help us through that process!  
God bless!!  Jennifer"

Thank you Jennifer, for taking time to let me know my book helped you, and I wish you and your new husband a wonderfully happy home and life together!

Happy Organizing!

Kathryn :) 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

My hubby Steve and I like to take Sunday drives and have lunch or appetizers out somewhere beautiful and sunny.   This week we went to Rancho Valencia Resort in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

The award-winning resort is an AMAZINGLY beautiful property set on many acres that has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation not too long ago.   The resort also is eco-friendly and practices sustainability, which I heartily agree with, (so that we still have a planet for future generations.)   Press.

I took these photos so you could join in the resort fun!  Also, you might want to try the resort's fantasy spa here too.  Even if you can only do that virtually, by the photos, it's sheer bliss!

We had lunch at their gorgeous Veladora restaurant.  My Greek spinach salad was wonderful and my hubby liked his Eggs Benedict too.   The whole experience was relaxing and lovely and our waiter Keith provided attentive service which was much appreciated since Sunday is our only day we usually eat out so we like it to be special.

Ranch-style decor abounds at Rancho Valencia resort.

The Veladora restaurant is in a huge open area.

They'll even give you a pillow if you like!

The Pony Room, for more casual dining, is situated adjacent to the Veladora restaurant--just a few steps away.

There's also much outdoor seating, both for lounging and for eating at long tables if you have a big group.

Even their bathrooms are pretty!

See what I mean?!

Exquisite, yes?!

Probably the thing that most catches your eye at the Veladora restaurant though is this amazing butterfly mural!  (I looked to try and give credit and kudos to the artist here, but I couldn't find their name on the piece.)

It really takes your breath away in person because it's so beautifully detailed, and the colors are so vibrant!

Like to watch croquet while you have lunch, anyone?!

The resort also has a beautiful gift shop/boutique on site called Sheridan. 

The gal working in the gift shop told me the owner had this drapery and crown custom-made for the dressing room entrance.  I love it!

Need a hat for the Del Mar horse races?  Theirs are exquisite!

If you want to buy anything you see here, call the Sheridan gift shop/boutique at 858-759-6425.

We hope you enjoyed the tour of Rancho Valencia Resort in San Diego, California!

You can find directions, contact info., and more on their website at RanchoValencia.com.

Happy Travels!
Kathryn :) 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Elegant Surroundings

"Do you know what elegance is?  It is not only what you're wearing, it is how you wear it, who you are on the inside.  It is the way you decorate your house, what you surround yourself with, what books you read, and what your interests are."  --Carolina Herrera

"Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance."  --Jon Franklin

The above photos show (just some) of the things I choose to surround myself with on my lifelong journey in living a simple, charming, elegant lifestyle.

How about you?  What are some elegant lifestyle things you surround yourself with?

Blessings for a meaningful weekend!
Kathryn :) 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

How Not to Grow Old

"Anybody who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old."  --Franz Kafka

Sharing life's beauty!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Always Flowers

 There are always flowers ...

 for those who want to see them.  --Henri Matisse

Sharing the beauty,
Kathryn :)

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